(Persia Digest) – This week will see the registration of three cities in Iran as World Craft Cities. These are Kalpurgan, Sirjan, and Marivan. Yesterday, the ceremony was held for Kalpurgan. Tomorrow Sirjan will be registered as a World Kilim City, followed by Marivan next week as a World Kalash City. The ceremonies are attended by the President of the World Crafts Council-Asia Pacific Region (WCC-APR).

Ghada Hijjawi, President of WCC-APR, attended the ceremony in Kalpurgan, a village known for its famous pottery made by its women. This art dates back to 7000 years ago here and its long history and present glory is due to the endeavors of its ladies.

The ceremony for Sirjan as a World Kilim City will be held on Thursday 14 December 2017. The “Shirikipich” kilim is one of the best, handwoven by the rural and tribal women of Sirjan village in Kerman Province. It is also an ancient art currently employing over 14000 people.

The flexible, handmade cotton shoe “kalash” is a major product of Marivan, presently employing 4553 artisans.

Once Sirjan and Marivan have also been registered, Iran will be at the top of the list for creative craft cities in the world.

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