(Persia Digest) – The results of a survey conducted by Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Co (ISQI) show that an estimated 35% of the participants named the 4-wheel drive cars as their favorite in this country, while most of the cars on the road here are saloon cars.

The CUV at 28% was the second favorite of Iranians. These combine the features of SUVs with saloon cars and cost less. The survey shows that, overall, 63% of car buyers prefer long-range vehicles and crossovers.

It is interesting to know that only 25% expressed a preference for saloon cars and 12% for hatchbacks.

Six general criteria, including fuel consumption, after sales service, body quality, apparent beauty, power and acceleration, and strength and safety, are relevant when making a car purchase. Of these, strength and safety tops the list and fuel consumption is at the bottom. That fuel consumption is at the bottom of the list is due to low fuel prices in Iran.

Last but not least, the survey found that German cars are preferred. Other brands rank as Japan, France, S Korea, and the US respectively. Chinese cars rank one before last on this list.

German and US brands, however, have the smallest market share in Iran and the French have the largest share. The Chinese have 11% of the share, although this is predicted to rise in the next few years.

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