(Persia Digest) – For the first time, Iranian children rank first to third in three age groups in the

i-math (l love maths) international maths competition in Malaysia.

Age Group A (4-year olds), Group B (5-year olds), and Group C (6-year olds) comprised 42 contestants.

The competition was a first time experience for the Iranian children who won first place in Group A (Mohammad-Mahdi Qasemi), second place in Group B (Arvin Salimi), and second place in Group C (Mohammad-Taha Qasemi).

The children study with a relatively new method (i-math) in which science and mathematical concepts are fully functional and engage children through stories, games and entertainment. This was invented in the US for the first time. Countries such as China, India, Malaysia, and Russia have also been using this method of teaching for over a decade to apply mathematical concepts in objective ways in their society.

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