(Persia Digest) – Visiting British Museum Director in Tehran has proposed for the British Museum to hold its second exhibition at the Iran National Museum.

Hartwig Fischer, Museum Director, accompanied by Vesta Sarkhosh-Curtis who is responsible for pre-Islamic Iranian coins (from the third century BCE until the middle of the seventh century CE), visited Iran’s National Museum, and said: “Although I am visiting Iran for the first time, I was not expecting to see such priceless treasures. I am deeply impressed by the enormity and richness of the artistic styles and historical periods at the National Museum of Iran.”

He said the British Museum was interested in displaying part of its artifacts in Iran’s National Museum. This will be a second exhibition of this kind following the exhibit held here for the Cyrus Cylinder.

The Director of the British Museum considered the valuable works of the National Museum of Iran and its historical sequence from the Paleolithic to the end of the Qajar period as a university for the study, understanding and teaching of Iranian culture, art and history, adding that the history of Iran should be taught in-situ at the National Museum of Iran.

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