(Persia Digest) –Tehran’s Stock Exchange Index has ranked first among 17 international exchanges with the highest return last week.

As reported by Tasnim, in the week ending 21 December 2017, the stock volume trading amounted to 6988 million shares at a value of Rials 14707 BN, with the volume and value of transactions increasing by 24% and 13%, respectively.

The value of the Tehran Stock Exchange during this period amounted to Rials 3 813 076 billion, showing an increase of 2.36%.

The report adds: “The Tehran Stock Exchange index totaled 95509 units at the end of trading last week, up 2225 units.

From the beginning of this year to mid-December, the overall index has increased by 23.7% and the total weight index has experienced an increase of 13.8%.

Comparing the Tehran Stock Exchange index (TEDPIX) with a number of other international stock exchanges, the former is up by 2.4% with the highest return, and the Dubai Exchange (DFM INDEX) shows a drop of 1% with the lowest return over the past week.

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