(Persia Digest) – Two more ATR 72-600 series which were dispatched from France last night landed in Mehrabad Airport in Tehran this morning.

Following the Iran nuclear agreement of 2015, the JCPOA, with world powers and sanctions relief, Iran's Aviation Industry has signed an agreement for the purchase of 100 passenger planes with the French Airbus, 80 Boeings with the US, and 20 ATRs. Eight of the latter and three airbuses have been delivered to Iran Air.

The ATR planes purchased by Iran can carry 72 passengers and travel up to 1528 kilometers. They use advanced propeller engines of low consumption and low maintenance.

The planes can fly under all climatic conditions. The cockpit is equipped with state of the art computers which allow the pilot to land under the most difficult atmospheric conditions.

Simultaneously with the landing of the latest ATRs in Tehran, the spokesperson for Boeing said: “In 2016, we received a license from the US government to sell 80 Boeing passenger jets to Iran Air. As of today, this is the only definite sales license we have received from the United States administration.”

He added: “We will not speculate on the US change of policies towards Iran. We will continue to follow the exact guidelines of the US administration pertaining to Iran in all our possible transactions with Iranian airlines.”

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