(Persia Digest) – This year, 18 bands from overseas will participate at the Fajr International Music Festival in Iran.

The 33rd Fajr International Music Festival will run in Tehran from 10-20 January 2018. A number of the participating countries include India, Senegal, Italy, Spain, Japan, and France.

The Austrian Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Drums from France, Jazz Saxophone from Italy, Shahid Parviz Khan of India, Solo Orchestra from Italy, trio from Mongolia, Renaissance Band from Serbia, Jazz and the City from Austria, and other groups from Italy, Spain, Senegal, Japan, and an Iranian-Slovenian orchestra are some of the groups participating at the Festival.

The 33rd Fajr International Music Festival will be held simultaneously in Tehran and Shiraz as in previous years. The Festival in Shiraz will be held from 15-22 January 2018 at the “Shahr-e Sher o Adab” [City of poetry and literature] venue. This is on a smaller scale than the Festival in Tehran and a selection of renowned Iranian musicians, some of whom will also perform at the Tehran Festival, will perform here.

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