(Persia Digest) – Coming soon, the old Nasr Theatre will turn into a museum for the art.

Ten years have passed from the time when Ezatollah Entezami placed in a request for Nasr Theatre, which is one of the oldest theater houses in Tehran, to be returned to the actors as a museum. Today, this old theater house, which dates back to the Qajar era, has been handed over to the City Council to be turned into a museum following the required works.

Iran’s cultural history can be traced in Nasr Theater, where many masters of the art have gone on stage to mesmerize their audiences.

With the complete closure of “Nasr Theater” from 2002, the theatre cast and officials were the only ones preoccupied with the safety of this historic building which has also been registered as a national heritage. The voice of the officials at the Department of Performing Arts could be heard from the very first days expressing their demands. This building is an important part of the history of the Lalehzar Theatre which will now be turned into a museum.

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