(Persia Digest) – “The great sardars of Azerbaijan” opera, which is also Iran’s greatest opera performance, will go on stage during the “Tabriz 2018” event in this city.

The cast has over 250 players and the crew 50, telling the story of Azerbaijan’s martyrs. It has been produced in the three Azeri, Persian, and English languages and is ready to go on stage.

Present at the performance will be Master Qarabaghi, Master Abedinzadeh, and a number of other important figures of Azerbaijan music. It is inspired by the stages of Islamic mysticism and is performed in the seven curtains of "quest, love, knowledge, needlessness, monotheism, divine glory, mortality".

Mansour Daneshvar, the composer of the opera, has pointed out that this a combination of music and theater, and added: “Successful stories and plays merge the art of the theater with music and last longer with more depth. Therefore, to commemorate the martyrs of this Province, Iran’s biggest opera entitled “The great sardars of Azerbaijan” will be performed in Tabriz.

He went on to say that the production had taken one and a half years: “Different groups have been working on the production, such as the martial arts group, the cast and crew, the chorus, and the orchestra. Once the funding is ready, the opera can go on stage at the opening ceremony of “Tabriz 2018” or any other time during the event.

He said this is the most important performance during this event for introducing Tabriz and its history and culture to tourists in 2018. He reminded: “When tourists visit Tabriz, they mostly seek to learn about the customs and identity of the city rather that its historic ruins. This magnificent performance can readily fill this void.”

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