(Persia Digest)- The opera “Pardis and Parisa” written in 1973 by Tjeknavorian, was performed for the first time after so many years, in the ceremony honoring “80 years, Loris Tjeknavorian” (Tjeknavorian also spelled Cheknavarian).

Yesterday, the opera group “Ayu” under the baton of Peyman Mansouri performed the opera “Pardis and Parisa” for the program honoring Loris Tjeknavorian under the title “80 years, Loris Tjeknavorian” at Iran Artist Forum.

Payman Mansuri the orchestra conductor accompanied by Alireza Favakehi director of the orchestra and a large group of instrumentalists and singers, performed this opera.

This opera has been in group practice stage for three months by stringed instruments musicians, violins, contrabass, flute, piccolos, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, oboe, and clarinet and horn, and according to Alireza Favakehi this group was a complete orchestra in its true meaning and there were no music instruments left out. 

During the three months of practice, both in group form and also in separate form the instrument groups practiced. The stringed groups included 23 musicians, wind instrument group-wood and brass 17 musicians, and the choral group were 30 ladies and gentlemen.

The opera “Pardis and Parisa” was written by Tjeknavorian in 1973 and was performed in the same year.   

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