(Persia Digest) – The young 10-year old Iranian boy, Hossein Atayi Sangrudi from Karaj has already 16 inventions in his portfolio. Six of these are in the process of being registered. His inventions include the VTOL three-modality drones, gunboats, office furniture, miniature sprayer, multipurpose control for smart TVs, and so on.

His expertise is focused on designing concept cars. He began working on these at the age of three. Presently, he has received invitations from Tesla motors, the Swedish Volvo automotive company, and a college in Canada to design cars. Hossein has also been invited by a number of universities in Iran to teach industrial design as a professor.

Hossein’s parents are also designers. He put pen to paper from the age of three and is now studying by correspondence due to overtaking his peers. He came first in the CATIA exams at the Tehran Technical Complex and 3ds Max software course offered at the Institute of Higher Education for Academic Jihad in Alborz Province.

Hossein says he spends 90% of his time designing cars and issues related to it. In the remaining 10%, he takes up singing, acting, drawing, calligraphy, and so on, because he likes to try out everything.

Hossein envisages himself as the future chief designer at Mercedes Benz. At the same time, his big wish is to startup a huge automotive manufacturing plant to employ millions of young people and make cars with very high standards for people in order to secure their safety and compete with imported cars, especially form China and Europe.

He is presently honorary advisor to the Management and Planning Organization of Alborz Province.

Hossein in a meeting with government spokesperson.

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