(Persia digest)- The Iran Museum of Calligraphy was inaugurated in Tehran today, 19 August. Over 200 calligraphic works by prominent masters of the art in Iran are on display here. The oldest Kufic writing discovered in a house dating back to the first Pahlavi is a center piece at the museum.

Works from masters such as Emadolketab, Darvish Abdolmajid, Agha Fathali Hejab Shirazi, and Vesal Shirazi are on view for the public. Over 1000 calligraphy pens and other instruments and inks have been gathered at the museum. The works range from Kufic calligraphy to works done up until the first Pahlavi King and do not include contemporary works.

Calligraphy has always been a popular art form venerated in Iran from ancient times.

The aesthetics department of Tehran Council purchased the historical Fouladvand House in 2015 and restored it in its own right for cultural usage. Today, it is home to the Iran Museum of Calligraphy

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