(Persia Digest) – Officials from the tourism sectors of Iran and Iraq have reached an agreement to expand religious, sightseeing, and health tourism between the two countries.

The Deputy for Iran’s tourism, Mohammad Moheb-Khodaei, and Iraq’s Head of Tourism Board, Hamud Mohsen Hassan, have been conducting negotiations in Baghdad.

The bilateral talks were conducted in accordance with previous MoUs signed between the two countries. Following initial agreements, it was decided to finalize these in Tehran.

Moheb-Khodaei announced the agreements included cooperation on training, and marketing and advertisement in the tourism sector, increasing all numbers of tourists, and upgrading services rendered to tourists and pilgrims in both countries.

As stated by Moheb-Khodaei, the two delegations also agreed to observe statistics on the number of tourist traveling to both countries and cooperate on the restoration and world registration of Iraq’s historic sites.

Hamud Mohsen Hassan also said: “Currently, large numbers of health tourists are coming to Iran from Iraq. But, this is not taking place in an orderly manner and both countries are endeavoring to organize and upgrade services provided in this sector.”

Mohsen Hassan expressed hope that Iranians visiting Iraq will not be limited to pilgrimage and that the sightseeing and holiday sectors, including visits to historic sights and nature of Iraq, especially its southern marshes known as “Ahwar” will also take off.

This Iraqi official described the future of tourism between Iran and Iraq as promising in all its sectors.

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