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be completely absorbed by the end of the cooking time...
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of cooking ingredients 2 cups rice 5 cups sugar 100g... the end of cooking when the sholezard is ready, pour...
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should be left at the end of the cooking ,...
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separately due to their different cooking times place all the...
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flour dissolved in cold water at the end of cooking...
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a cooking mallet smash the garlic cloves as well chop...
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cooking then transfer the cooked dish to a frying pan...
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a delicious, traditional dish from kermanshah in western iran cooking... stew in the last part of the cooking cook for... at the end of cooking this stew is served with...
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about 2 ½ hours into the cooking time, wash the...
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to the meat in the last one hour of cooking... stew in the last 30 minutes of cooking now you... salt in the last part of the cooking serve the...
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