Phil Collitz: Tortured by fans for mallet hairstyle

With his new haircut, Bill doesn’t seem to have knocked all the fans out of the stool.

Against the current
Bill Collitz has always been different from all of his classmates and friends. He expressed his feelings by his haircut and dress style from an early age, and was most offended in the town of Loitze, near the 570-strong town of Macbeth. In a conversation with John Bahrmann and Olly Schulz for the podcast “Fest & Flasic”, he recalled a time before the big breakthrough from the Tokyo Hotel, and at times admitted that his childhood was “terrible”.

“I do not have the patriotism that many have in the school they went to or where they grew up. I can agree that it is not big. […] It was scary, so it was so bad. In fact it was clear to me anyway, so we were very lucky that this song performed well during the summer holidays and we were able to get out of there very quickly, ”said the Tokyo hotel singer.

New hairstyle
Now 31 years old he has become accustomed to not being liked by everyone at the time of attracting attention. Whether she was in the headlines with a big sharp hairstyle or tried many other looks, Collitz didn’t care about haters and celebrated her own style.

Even in 2021, the musician was not affected by negative comments and instead presented his new hairstyle via Instagram. With a nose ring, dyed blonde hair and a mallet cut, she was able to generate nearly 37,000 likes …

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… and the comment about the cut was addressed even more negatively by some fans in the field. Here are some ideas for you:


There is no time for haters
What do you think Bill has to say about all the comments? Probably not much – after all, most of his followers celebrated the move, thanked his hairdresser, and did not seem to want to know anything about the haters. This became clear to his fans in February 2019, after defending the new indie sound with his band Tokyo Hotel and explaining the difference between criticism and personal attacks.

“It’s easy to write your opinion about your song and justify it. But you don’t have to get it in person. He then wrote three times in the article: ‘You do not know the other two names.’ I thought I got it for the first time. […] This is not about the song anymore, this is a 3 page hate article. I don’t even think this is a personal story. It never met us. He’s a regular ugly German, ” Bill admits, while his twin brother, Tom, a Tokyo hotel guitarist, adds: ‘It always says:’ The names of two other people you don’t know. ‘ It’s in every group: Did you know that everyone is called von Ramstein right now? Or a drummer from AC / DC? […] I read the review of our new song. It was under the belt and I thought something must have happened there that he absolutely hates us. Maybe I screwed up that daughter? “

Well, if we made it clear once.


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