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Iran FM: US sanctions hindering int’l cooperation in fight against drugs


The US unilateral sanctions and economic war against the Iranian nation is impeding the country’s international cooperation particularly the international campaign against drug trafficking, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday.

State Department denies Trump message to Iran warning of attack


The US State Department has denied reports about US President Donald Trump allegedly passing a message about its planned attack to Tehran via an Omani channel, confirming Iran's statement that no US message had been received, according to Sputnik.

Time Museum - the first clock museum in Iran


One of the historical attractions of Iran's capital is the Museum of Time. It is a blue plastered building in a garden with very interesting architecture and decorations.

FIFA ramps up pressure on Iran to grant women access to matches


FIFA president Gianni Infantino has ramped up the pressure on Iran to ensure local female football fans are allowed to attend men’s World Cup qualifiers in the Islamic Republic later this year.

Update - Petroleum Ministry Finance Director arrested as he tried to flee the country


The finance director of the Petroleum Ministry who had withdrawn USD 25MM from the Ministry’s account has been arrested as he was trying to leave the country.

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The controversial banner in Iran is pulled down


The controversial banner installed by the commander of a Basij base in an Iranian city promising the Armageddon due to Iran's failed nuclear deal has been pulled down.

Iranian snooker player becomes Asian champion


Iranian snooker player, Amir Sarkhosh, has taken the gold medal and Asian title for the six-red championship by beating his Pakistani rival.

Number of foreign students in Iran up by 20 percent


The Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology has said: “Presently 39,000 foreign students are studying in Iran for academic or professional degrees which is over 20 percent higher than last year.

Iraq won’t let the US strike Iran from its territory


Under no circumstances will Iraq allow the United States to use its bases in Iraq to launch an attack on neighboring Iran, Iraq's President Barham Salih told CNN's Mick Krever.

Rouhani stresses US aggression would be met with Iran’s firm response


Iranian president said Tue. Iran has no shred of interest in increasing tensions in the region and never seeks war with any country, including the US, adding “we have always shown our commitment to regional security and stability, and will work towards this aim.”