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17-Year old Iranian girl reaches WT Championships final


The 17-year old Taekwondo fighter, Mahla Momenzadeh, has reached the World Taekwondo Championships final to become Iran’s second woman finalist in the history of its game.

Young Iranian Pop star dies


Behnam Safavi, Iranian pop star, has died aged 36.

Iranian woman musician shines in Europe


The new Schiller album called “Morgenstund” which is fusion music recorded with Iranian musicians was released internationally in March this year. They have now started their tour in which Yalda Abbasi, Iranian woman musician, also plays the dotar.

Marc Wilmots takes on Team Melli coaching


The President of the Iranian Football Federation, Mahdi Taj, has announced that Marc Wilmots from Belgium is now Iran’s new Team Melli coach.

Iranian film to be screened in 2019 Cannes market


“Meshmesheh” [Glanders], written and directed by Shahed Ahmadlou will premiere on the international scene at the 2019 Cannes market of the Cannes Film Festival.

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Khayyam's quatrains decorate walls of historical caravanserai in Sarajevo


The Iranian Embassy in Sarajevo in its twitter page posted a picture of a historical caravanserai in Sarajevo the walls of which bear the quatrains of the famous Iranian poet and mathematician Omar Khayyam.

Don’t Fight Iran


Sometimes it’s important to write a column about something you’re pretty sure isn’t going to happen, Ross Douthat writes in The New York Times. In this case, that thing is war with Iran, which Donald Trump clearly doesn’t want, and which he will therefore probably avoid. But since the president’s current foreign policy is making war more likely, it’s still worth saying clearly that it would be a terrible idea for the United States to enter into a serious armed conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iranian taekwondoka reaches Manchester final


Iranian Taekwondo fighter Soroush Ahmadi in the weight category of – 63kg advanced to 2019 World Taekwondo Championships final match held in Manchester, UK.

Saudi Arabia ready to confront Iran with ‘all strength & determination’


Riyadh will confront Tehran with “all strength and determination,” if need be, the Kingdom’s FM has warned after Crown Prince received a call from Washington in which the sides discussed ways to ensure regional “security.”

Petraeus: Iran should watch its step


Former CIA Director David Petraeus said that Iran is going to have to be “very careful not to overplay“ its hand as tensions with the U.S. continue to increase.