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Didar [Meeting]  (music)

Didar [Meeting] (music)

Artist: Mohamadreza Ebrahimi Album: Goosh 2 [Listen 2] Genre: Fusion   (Persia Digest) - Didar [Meeting] from the album Goosh 2 [Listen 2] is as fusion of two oriental music spheres, performed with the two instruments of divan and clarinet.

Shekar [Hunt]    (music)

Shekar [Hunt] (music)

Artist: Mehdi Saki  Album: Kamakan [Still] Genre: Fusion Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) – “Kamakan” is performed by Mehdi Saki. It is a fusion of music from southern Iran, the Spanish flamenco, and a poem by Molana. Using diverse instruments is a special feature of this piece. The cello and clarinet, alongside percussion instruments from West Asia, and Flamenco instruments such as the cajon and guitar have all been charmingly combined together.


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