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Tertium   (music)

Tertium (music)

Artist: Siavash Sadrazodi Album: Metamorphosis Genre: New Age Year: 2017   (Persia Digest) – “Tertium” from the “Metamorphosis” album by Siavash Sadrazodi is a minimal track in the New Age genre of music which is mainly focused on the stability of mind and space.

Complaint  (music)

Complaint (music)

Artist: Masoud Shaari/ Christophe Rezai Album: Journey Genre: Fusion Year: 2001   (Persia Digest) – The track “Complaint” from the album “Journey” is a work by two prominent Iranian musicians, Massoud Shorari and Christoph Rezaei. It is a fusion of pure Iranian classical music and western music with a touch of Indian. It is considered one of the best fusion pieces in this genre.

Worship   (music)

Worship (music)

Artist: Bamdad Falahati Album: Mystery of creation Composer: Mehdi Danaei Genre: New age/Fusion Year: 2016   (Persia Digest) – “Worship” is a track from the album “Mystery of creation” based on Iranian folk music. Its fusion with electronic music in the genre of new age is an innovative move which has given it an interesting twist.

My cold sigh    (music)

My cold sigh (music)

Artist: Amir Behmanesh & Sahand Mehdizadeh Album: Wire Genre: Pop Year: 2014   (Persia Digest) – “My cold sigh” is a pop song from the album “Wire” with a gentle soul. It is a very popular genre of music in Iran.

Metamorphosis   (music)

Metamorphosis (music)

Artist: Siavash Sadr Azodi Album: Metamorphosis Genre: New Age Year: 2017   (Persia Digest) – “Metamorphosis” is an album by Siavash Sadre-Azodi in the New Age genre very much in tune with oriental tastes in music. The trace of many other styles of music can be found here.

Talayeh [Revelation]     (music)

Talayeh [Revelation] (music)

Artist: Amir hossein Tafreshipour Album: In hamani [Sameness] Genre: Folklore Year: 2016   (Persia Digest) – The piece Talayeh [Revelation] from the album In hamani [Sameness] is a folk song with a new experimental outlook on the genre.

Mosallas [Triangle]   (music)

Mosallas [Triangle] (music)

Artist: Pallet Band Album: Mr Banafsh Genre: Fusion   (Persia Digest) - Mosallas [Triangle] is a love song about a sweetheart, retrieved from its local dialect and fused with Latin American music. It is performed by the Pallet Band who are well-known in this genre.

Atash Gereftam [On Fire]  (music)

Atash Gereftam [On Fire] (music)

Artist: Shirazis Band Album: Single Track  Composer: Meysam Zakerhossein Genre: Alternative Year: 2014   (Persia Digest) - Atash Gereftam [On Fire] is an acoustic music piece by Shirazis Band. It is an alternative genre performed by combining western instruments and form with Persian vocals of over 70 years ago.

Mah o Mahi   (music)

Mah o Mahi (music)

Artist: Hojjat Ashrafzadeh Album: Mah o Mahi Composers: Arash & Amir Bayat Genre: Fusion Year: 2015 (Persia Digest) – The piece Mah o Mahi is from an album by the same name. It has been very successful and has met with a large audience of fans. With its stylish interpretations of lyrics and subtle combination with music, it has been able to create its own special ambiance. Its strongest points are the use of Iranian singing and traditional music and their fusion with western instruments and harmony.


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