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Iran-France play from Mantegho-Teir

Iran-France play from Mantegho-Teir

The play “From now on” has a script inspired by a Mantegho-Teir story written by 12th-century author Attar of Nishapur. It is a joint Iran-France production. As reported by Mehr News Agency “From now on” will go on stage on 17 December 2017 in the main Mowlavi Theater Hall at 20h30 for a limited period of time.  

Act 1    (music)

Act 1 (music)

Artists: Babak Sharifi & Pejman Hadadi Album: Release Genre: Fusion Year: 2008   (Persia Digest) – “Act 1” is an improvisation piece from the album “Release” played with the divan (lute), originally a Turkish instrument, accompanied by the tanbur. The music has a Kurdish theme composed in the mental space of the musician.

Our Story  (music)

Our Story (music)

Artists: Hooshyar Khayam, Amir Eslami Album: All of you Genre: Classical Year: 2011   (Persia Digest) - “Our Story”, a track from the album “All of You”, is an improvised piece added to the album soundtrack without any further changes. The blend of nay [reed flute] and piano together, united with different musical sensations, creates a pleasant melody.

Ravi [Narrator]   (music)

Ravi [Narrator] (music)

Artist: Golfam Khayyam Album: Ravi [Narrator] Genre: Classical/New Age Year: 2011   (Persia Digest) - Ravi [Narrator] is an album by Golfam Khayyam, player of acoustic guitar in the Clasical/New Age genre. In parts, it is accompanied with the lute playing of Siavash Roshan that takes it peeping into oriental music. 

Kuzeh [The Jar]    (music)

Kuzeh [The Jar] (music)

Artist: Saeed Nayebmohammadi,Aidin Ahmadi Nejad, Homayoun Nasiri Album: Fih ma fih [It is what it is] Genre: Fusion   (Persia Digest) - Fih ma fih(It is what it is) album is a combination of the three instruments of lute, cello, and percussion instruments. Each particular instrument has shaped a particular piece interesting in itself.

Ashian-e Dard [Nestling pain]    (music)

Ashian-e Dard [Nestling pain] (music)

Artist: Saeed Bahrami Album: Bezan Baran [Hit O Rain] Genre: Classic Persian Year: 2016   (Persia Digest) – The album Bezan Baran [Hit O Rain] has various pieces in the Persian traditional style, performed with the lute and accompanied by percussion instruments.


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