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Don’t distance yourself  (music)

Don’t distance yourself (music)

Artist: Morteza & Majid Yeganeh rad Album: The other indescribable moment Genre: Folklore Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) - Dour Masho [Don’t distance yourself] is the first track of the album “The other indescribable moment” inspired by Khorasani music and performed with percussion instruments which play the biggest part in this album together with the vocals.

The first worship    (music)

The first worship (music)

Artist: Amir Rajabi Album: SMS Genre: Fusion Year: 2016   (Persia Digest) – “The first worship” from the “SMS” album is an instrumental piece composed by Amir Rajabi. The piece does, however, incorporate short singing passages and vocals. But the main theme here is instrumental. This can be classified as fusion music.

Davat [Invitation]   (music)

Davat [Invitation] (music)

Artist: Mehdi Saki Album: Kamakan [Still always] Genre: Fusion Year: 2015   (Persia Digest) - Davat [Invitation] by Mehdi Saki has been composed for percussion instruments. The vocals have also been arranged in a manner as to portray the percussion sound. The rhythmic lyrics in this song are based on the musical rhymes of southern Iran.

Avaze Gonah-e Eshegh [The sin of love]  (music)

Avaze Gonah-e Eshegh [The sin of love] (music)

Artist: Homayoun Shajarian Album: Naghsh-e Khial Composer: Ali Ghamsari Genre: Persian classic Year: 2005   (Persia Digest) - Avaze Gonah-e Eshegh [The sin of love] is composed and arranged by the young, talented and dynamic musician, Ali Ghamsari, accompanied by the masterful vocals of Homayoun Shajarian. Various instruments from music around the world are played side by side here for different strokes.

Atash Gereftam [On Fire]  (music)

Atash Gereftam [On Fire] (music)

Artist: Shirazis Band Album: Single Track  Composer: Meysam Zakerhossein Genre: Alternative Year: 2014   (Persia Digest) - Atash Gereftam [On Fire] is an acoustic music piece by Shirazis Band. It is an alternative genre performed by combining western instruments and form with Persian vocals of over 70 years ago.

Mastom Mastom (music)

Mastom Mastom (music)

Artist: Farzad Milani Album: Nostalgi Nameh Genre: Fusion Year: 2017   (Persia Digest) - Mastom Mastom is a folk song originally from Fars Province. In this arrangement, it has been beautifully combined with jazz and pop music. The vocalist has endeavored to create a new mood with a different style of singing.


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