12 planes were hit in one month

the Kiev forces today shot down a second Russian Su-34 fighter, bringing the number of enemy aircraft struck in February to 12.. “After successful combat operations against enemy aircraft, two more Su-34 fighter bombers were destroyed in the directions of Avdiivka and Mariupol on February 29,” General Oleksandr Sersky, Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian forces, wrote on Facebook.

In February, the Ukrainians shot down dozens of Russian military aircraft, including an A-50 spy plane. Another warning and control aircraft was shot down in mid-January. According to British military intelligence, Russia now has only seven A50s left.

An A-50 was shot down, the latest of Kiev's claims

The latest claim that an A-50 plane was shot down while flying over the Sea of ​​Azov came on February 23, via an announcement by Air Force Commander Mykola Oleschuk. According to the Kiev Independent newspaper, Russia has nine A-50 aircraft, and the Ukrainians shot down another of these aircraft over the Sea of ​​Azov on January 14.

As warning and surveillance aircraft, the A-50s can detect air defense systems, guide missiles and coordinate targets for Russian fighters. In February, the Ukrainians announced the downing of several Russian aircraft: two Su-34s on the 21st, one Su-34 and one Su-35 on the 19th, one Su-34 on the 18th, and two Su-34s on the 18th. Su-34 and one Su-34. -35 XVIII.

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