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Imran Khan comes to Iran on first trip in office


Pakistan’s Prime Minister elect , Imran Khan, is planning to travel to Iran on his first official trip in office. This will take place after his inaugural ceremony on 18 August.

Iran Supreme Leader: No talks with the US


Iran’s Supreme Leader has commented on the reasons for not talking with the United States, saying: “Americans depend on money and power and think of talks as business. When they want to talk with another party, they set their main goals and are unwilling to take a step back. They demand credit points from the other party, and if they are refused they create commotion and controversy to bring the other party down.”

Response of Assyrian Community in Iran to Pompeo


The Assyrian Community in Iran has issued a statement in answer to a tweet by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, about the harassment of Iranian religious minorities and their deprivation of human rights.

Iran: The US must pay USD 110BN in damages to Iran


The legal assistant to the Iranian President announced: “Real and legal personalities in the private sector who have suffered damages through US actions over the past decades have filed complaints in Iranian courts and rulings have been issued in their favor. The volume of damages incurred by these entities to date amount to over USD 110BN. Obviously, damages inflicted by the United States add up to a much larger figure.”

Rouhani attends Caspian Sea summit in Kazakhstan


The Iranian President is on a one-day trip to Kazakhstan to attend the Caspian Sea Summit. In addition to a joint statement, several important documents for strategic cooperation in the Caspian region will be signed by the heads of state.

Zarif: Trump jubilation is shameful


Following the imposition of sanctions against Turkey, Iran’s top diplomat, Javad Zarif, tweeted: “Trump's jubilation in inflicting economic hardship on its NATO ally Turkey is shameful. The US has to rehabilitate its addiction to sanctions & bullying or entire world will unite—beyond verbal condemnations—to force it to. We’ve stood with neighbors before, and will again now.”


Iranian ‘Ash Festival in Zanjan


The 13th National Iranian ‘Ash Festival began work on 13th August 2018 at the Gavazang (El Daghi) recreational center in Zanjan, northwestern Iran.

No need for embassies for a trip to Iran


The Head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization announced: “Tourists are no longer required to go to Iranian embassies for visas. They can apply online and travel to Iran once their application has been reviewed.”

Khazineh Valley – A marvel of nature in Lorestan


Khazineh Valley is midway on the Pol Dokhtar to Andimeshk Road, in western Iran, next to a village by the same name. It has undergone erosion with the passage of time and taken its current shape after many peaks and troughs.

Is Iran a safe destination for tourists?


One of the most important questions on the minds of tourists interested in traveling to the Orient, especially to Middle Eastern countries, is whether these are safe destinations. Iran is a special country with a wide range of natural and cultural attractions. Its high, barely seen tourism potentials make it a perfect destination for tourists.

Which countries send more tourists to Iran?


As compared to a similar period last year, 75 percent more Iraqis have traveled to Iran this spring for trade, medical tourism, and pilgrimage. It seems the volatile foreign exchange market in Iran has not affected its western neighbor’s will to travel here.

Isfahan planning to attract Chinese tourists


The Tourism Deputy of Isfahan Cultural Heritage Organization has announced the setup of a Chinese desk for tourism at his Organization in order to promote the industry between Iran and China.



Latest News

German Ambassador guest of Bakhtiari family


German Ambassador, Michael Klor-Berchtold, has tweeted about his visit to the Bakhtiari nomads in western Iran, saying: “Summer days with nomads in Iran; staying with Bakhtiyari nomads in Koohrang valley, central Zagros mountains, Chelgerd, and enjoying hospitality of friendly Bakhtiyari family. Early morning wakeup, followed by a Bakhtiyari nomad breakfast, goat milk, yoghurt, goat cheese, butter, walnuts, omelet, tea…”

Iranian economic presence in Syria


At a meeting with Iran’s economic delegation, the Syrian Minister of Housing announced that the role of Iran’s private sector will be highlighted in re-building the war torn areas of Syria.

Iranian ‘Ash Festival in Zanjan


The 13th National Iranian ‘Ash Festival began work on 13th August 2018 at the Gavazang (El Daghi) recreational center in Zanjan, northwestern Iran.

Iranian artist painted the Berlin wall


The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961, dividing the city in two eastern and western sides for 28 years. At the end of the Cold War, when the wall fell in 1989, artist of Iranian origin, Kani Alavi, took on the managing of 118 artists from 21 countries, transforming the wall into one of the world’s largest galleries with paintings and graffiti. The main theme here is freedom, solidarity, equality, and peace.

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