The fourth generation Honda CR-V appeared with a new design for 2023

Honda has been in trouble lately. Its sales have collapsed and young people no longer view it as their first car priority.

Their cars had a lot of recall issues, and their reliability has fallen out over all consulting firms like JDPower and Consumer Reports.

For many analysts, the brand has become the “Automotive of the Nerds”, since its models do not attract the new generation, who yearns for more dynamic cars, like the new Korean models, but they attract more consumers. Who still believes that Honda maintains good reliability and resale value.

That is why the brand is looking for alternatives so that this bad streak does not continue, revamping some models that have succeeded, such as the CR-V, and soon the Civic R.

Let’s move to 2023 CR-V

The all-new Honda CR-V 2023 introduces new design, combined with a new and more advanced fourth-generation hybrid electric system for a fuel-efficient driving experience.

Hybrid CR-V models are positioned at the forefront of the CR-V lineup and will account for about 50 percent of sales of this sixth generation, a major step in Honda’s electrification strategy.

The 2023 CR-V will launch this summer, with the hybrid model launching later this year.

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