Des larmes... de joie dans les rangs de Palmeiras.

In the final of South America’s most prestigious club competition, Sao Paulo Club dominated Flamenco after extra time on Saturday.

In the Copa Libertadores final between Brazilian clubs that have won the last two editions, Palmeiras, who managed a double century in the South American match to equal the Champions League, won on Saturday (2-1) after extra time.

A goal from the start (4th), a few sparks, fewer chances, and not so excited until the Flamenco (72nd) equalized in the final of the Palmeiras Libertadores, pushing the game into extra time. In a brilliant start by Paraguay defender Gustavo Gomez, international left-back Philippe Luiz came out immobile, returning to Mackay (1-0, 4th) with Rafael Vigo centered on a relaxed adjustment to the Alves in the penalty spot.

Flamengo, with his attacking duo created by Bruno Henrique and Capigol, scored 16 of 32 goals in “Fla” ​​this season, including 10 goals for the only Gabriel Barbosa, who had difficulty taking the shot. In the front, Cabicol won a lot, was called the ball, and pitched a lot, but with a header of the target (19th) he did not sow danger in the defense of the Palmeiras mistress of its surface.

Bruno Henrique gave his header to de Arrascotta in his center millimeter in the distance, but in the six meters the Uruguayan collided outside to meet Weverton (42nd). Very little thrill crosses the boundaries of Centenario Stadium, which is two-thirds full of the red and black colors of “Fla”.

The unlikely hero

After restarting after a lonely try, Copigol gave balm to the heart of his supporters, but pushed his ball away. In the corner, Paris SG, Chelsea or Arsenal’s former defender David Luiz missed the frame slightly. Mayke, who was alone at the forefront of “Verdao”‘s attack, was so clever but so dangerous that he forced the Alves into a march 25 meters away, which took the direction of the skylight (53rd). He tried a bicycle, however not enough support (61st). Weverton pulled all the stops in front of David Lewis in his goal, served on a long post on a free kick, and avoided the balance with a firm hand (55th).

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But Kapigol knows how to eat junk food. In one-two with de Arrascata, he scored a cross-dry strike from the left (72nd). In the 2019 final against River Plate, just as they scored a double at the end of the match for an unexpected victory against Argentina, the “Fla” ​​people began to dream of a new turn for the coffee (2-1).

It was Michael, who entered the game, who missed the match point (85th) for the Rio de Janeiro club, passing his shot too high and sending the teams into extra time. Palmeiras waited only four minutes to take advantage of a new defensive error. Former Manchester United player Andreas Pereira missed the ball on David Luiz’s pass, and Diverson entered the game with a solo shot that Alves was able to touch lightly (2-1, 94th).

Not much used this season, Diverson became Palmeiras’ new hero after last year’s Bruno Lopez, who entered the game and presented the title to his family after a break (90 + 9).

Palmeras will represent South America at the Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates in early 2022, bringing together the champions of the six world federations. Chelsea will represent Europe after winning the Champions League last season.


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