The Rolling Stones pourraient venir jouer à Marmande en 2022: affaire à suivre...
The Rolling Stones could come and play at Marmande in 2022: They continue… (© CC)

The legendary band, The rolling stones, can make a concert for Marmandy (47), in June 2022, on the occasion of the festival jarrok expertise.

The information was published this week by our colleagues at Paris Match, in an article about the Mick Jagger group, which will likely take a farewell tour in 2022.

And on this world tour, two French festivals could find their place: Vieilles Charrues and Garorock.

No confirmation… no rejection

At the end of the event tour, from September to November 2021, official announcements can be made on the side of the English rock band.

In Lot-et-Garonne, no comment on this “advertisement” from the festival organizers in Marmandais.

And on the Marmandy Municipal Council side, “we have no certainty,” according to the first deputy mayor, Charles Sillier, who answered our questions on Friday, August 6, 2021.

“Full” support from the Town Hall

It appears that Marmande City Council has yet to participate in the meetings on what would be a distinctly extraordinary ceremony if confirmed. Can she confirm or deny this “rumour”? “I will answer you … no yes and no no,” Charles Silier stated.

“But if we hear that, it is because there are necessarily negotiations behind”: Marmandy-elect wants to be pragmatic, and above all, Marmandy is sure to be able to welcome such an event.

We have the site, Filhole, and we’ll know how to do it. We’re completely behind Garorock for that: if Marmande had the opportunity to bring such a party to life, it shouldn’t be missed.

Charles CelerisFirst Vice Mayor of Marmandy

Especially since then, according to our colleagues from small blueThis party should take place a few days before the festival, which already receives between 30,000 and 50,000 visitors to the festival.

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Another day, but not ‘stuck’ at Festival 2022

And this, apparently, the city council had already thought: “Indeed, the one-day concert, and not during the festival itself, will be less difficult to organize on the logistical side, because there will be no camp site Administration: people come to watch the party The musical, and then they leave. What could be a problem is the parking lot, but that’s what it is.”

Remember that due to the health crisis, the last two editions of Garorock (the festival created in 1997 in Marmande, bought by Olympia Production in 2018, a subsidiary of Vivendi), were canceled in 2020 and 2021.

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