Mariana Echevarria and Lamda Garcia win 'The Stars Dance the Day' award

Written by Mino de Blanc

On Friday, June 25, during the broadcast of the morning magazine program “Hui” broadcast by “The Stars”, the conclusion of the reality TV dance “Dancing the Stars a Day” was held, after 10 weeks in which different personalities participated. They showed their best dancing skills alongside their dancing partner.

The five pairs who came to such a coveted state finally made a show with a mixture of tunes. After the choreography given by each couple, their respective positions were determined. Fifth place went to Michele Feith and Silverio, fourth place went to Andrea Escalona and Pablo Monteiro, third place went to Marisol Gonzalez and Moises Muñoz, runners-up Jimena Cordoba and Raul Coronado, the winning pair were Mariana. Echeverría. Lambda Garcia.

Broadcast host Galilea Montejo explained that to define the winning duo, the points they earned during their performances this week, as well as audience votes, totaling more than 50 million votes were added together.

The jury of Andrea Legareta, Latin Lover, Lolita Cortes and Ariel Miramontes as “Albertano” highlighted among their comments the progress and efforts she represented for the five pairs to reach the final.

“The Stars Dance a Day” is produced by Andrea Rodriguez, Executive Producer of “Hoy”.

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