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A man admitted to the Pedro Juan Caballero Regional Hospital was identified on Tuesday as the leader of the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP) and Marshal Lopez (EML) army, a former member of a criminal group known as Alejandro Ramos Morale. Authorities say there are no yet definitive signs about the identity of this person, who is showing poor health, according to the viralized images.

Speaking to attorney Reynolds Palacios, he later said his name was Lino Vega Valencula and that a month ago, he would come in person to the aforementioned hospital in search of emergency medical help and be in the infectious disease ward. Also, he is said to be from Sanja Byte (Amambe) country, and Palacios said there will be a birth certificate with this information. In principle, he was said to have a Brazilian document, which was invalid, but this was not confirmed; Similarly, it was handed over to the authorities and denied.

The location of this patient would have been given by an informant this morning, so local police initially began taking his fingerprints to verify his identity through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS); Waiting for other procedures, such as DNA testing, will give a negative result. Some physical features and, more importantly, serious conditions that worsen the health of the criminal leader (leukemia, leprosy and / or leishmaniasis) are consistent with guessing the true identity of this person,

Alejandro Ramos, military leader of Mariskal Lopez. Photo: Courtesy.

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Hugo Gonzalez, director of the regional hospital in the capital, Amamba, said he could not say for sure if it was actually Alejandro Ramosa. However, it is suspected that there is a coincidence with age, about 48 years old and the pathology of Alejandro Ramos.

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In an interview with the radio station 1020 AM, he pointed out that the man had been admitted to the hospital for several days in the above hospital facilities and that the patient’s identity was now in doubt.

Members of the Joint Working Group (FTC), the Ministry of Criminal and Public Administration of the National Police are currently traveling to Pedro Juan Caballero, where they will be responsible for the rigorous procedure. Unofficially, it is managed that the patient suffers from leishmaniasis and leukemia.

Unofficially, it is managed that the patient suffers from leishmaniasis and leukemia. Photo: Courtesy.

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The son of the EML leader, Alejandro Antonio Ramos Ramres, 22, was killed last Sunday, August 1, in a clash with the Joint Working Group (JDF).

Ramos, nicknamed Lieutenant Joel of the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP), and his wife, Lourdes Bernardo Ramரres, formed a self-styled army called the Mariskal Lopez (EML) with their children. , As learned in January 2015.


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