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11:22 PM 2 minutes ago

Vancouver 2-1 LAFC

11:21 PM 3 minutes ago

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10 minutes ago

Vancouver 2-1 LAFC

10:09 PM 15 minutes ago

90´ + 7

Vancouever sneak! Michael Baldismo tries a pass but is caught offside.

10:04 PM 20 minutes ago

90´ + 4

Yellow card for Christian Arango!

9:59 PM 25 minutes ago

90 degrees

Vancouver goal! Gauld heads from the center of the area to the right square.

8:54 PM 30 minutes ago


In a desperate attempt to score the goal, both teams make frequent mistakes.

Since 8:49 PM 35 minutes ago


Diego Rossi finished the ball from the right flank from outside the area, but he shot high. With the help of gentle blessing.

8:44 PM 40 minutes ago


Intra Rahim Edwards, Sally Marco Farfan.

9:39 PM an hour ago


After the score! LAFC is trying to respond and restore the advantage.

9:34 PM an hour ago

Vancouver 1-1 LAFC

9:29 PM an hour ago


The equalizer fell! White tied the score in favor of the locals, in a right-footed shot.

9:24 PM an hour ago


Stay up! Possession of the second half in the first minutes of the game. Both teams want the target to be able to score different scenarios.

9:19 PM an hour ago


Vancouver Whitecaps Changes!
Enter Baldisimo and Gauld, exit Teibert and Owusu.

9:09 PM an hour ago

Vancouver 0-1 LAFC

9:04 PM an hour ago

45´ + 4

The end of the first half! Los Angeles wins with a goal in overtime with a penalty kick.

8:59 PM an hour ago

45´ + 3

LAFC goal! Diego Rossi scored the penalty kick with a right-footed shot from the right side of the goal.

7:54 PM 2 hours ago


LAFC response! But Arango is finished and the ball goes too high.

7:49 PM 2 hours ago


Auction stands under the stick on the floor. Caicedo of Vancouver shoots right from outside the area.

7:44 PM 2 hours ago


Auction stopped. Diego Rossi of Los Angeles shoots left from the center of the area.

8:39 PM 2 hours ago


The attempt was stopped by the right side of the goal. Christian Arango ends with the right from the right side from inside the area. Assisted by Edward Atoista.

8:34 PM 2 hours ago


change LAFC
In Arango, outside Carlos Villa.

8:29 PM 2 hours ago


change LAFC
Arango enters and Carlos Villa leaves.

7:24 PM 2 hours ago


Although the visitor’s dominance is clear, in the match the only person to hit the target is the local team.

7:19 PM 2 hours ago

Jose Cifuentes finishes the ball on the right from outside the box but the ball goes high. Villa help.

8:14 PM 2 hours ago

The game begins in Vancouver

Desperate duel for victory tonight.

8:04 PM 2 hours ago

Squad: LAFC

7:59 PM 2 hours ago

The place is ready for the meeting

7:54 PM 3 hours ago

History between the two

7:49 PM 3 hours ago

Don’t take off from here to watch Vancouver vs LAFC live

7:44 PM 3 hours ago

Where and how to watch Vancouver vs LAFC online and live

7:39 PM 3 hours ago

Watch out for this Vancouver player

7:34 PM 3 hours ago

Watch out for this LAFC player

7:29 PM 3 hours ago

Last squad: Vancouver

NS. Crepeau, c. Neroinsky, A.; Rose, R.;

3 hours ago

Last squad: LAFC

30 Romero, 22 Farfan, 5 Vale, 94 Murillo, 27 Pacmon, 22 Palacios, 7 Blessing, 20 Atoista, 10 Villa, 9 Rossi, 17 Rodriguez.

7:19 PM 3 hours ago

Vancouver: He wants to enforce the condition

In the building, they also played 19 matches, but they collected 20 units and are in the eleventh position of the conference, if they win, they will equal their opponent with whom they will play the match, and that will be fundamental to their play. Expectations for the last part of the season.

7:14 PM 3 hours ago

LAFC: For climbing positions

7:09 PM 3 hours ago



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