Nornberg's Joker Sting: Schalke was red and eager for defeat

The Joker Sting of Nornberg
Schalke is red and yearns for defeat

Simon Torrode’s 150 second division goal did not save Schalke either. Carlsruhe meets late against the distorted royal blue. This is a major setback for the Rivers Club on their way back to the Bundesliga. In Franconia, the Nuremberg Jokers stand alone in the game against Hansa Rostock.

FC Schalke 04 – Karlsruheer SC 1: 2 (1: 1)

Despite scoring his 150th goal in the 2nd Bundesliga, Simon Derodol was unable to save Schalke 04 from a new setback. After two wins, the Carlsruhr SC lost 1: 2 (1: 1) behind and crossed the line for a promotion.

Derode equalized the opening deficit with Kyung-Rock Choi (1st) with his eighth goal of the season in the 15th minute. The 33-year-old advanced to third place in the second division record score Dieter Scotchnider, finishing second with Carl-Haynes Methrod (Fortuna Cologne and Alemannia Achen). Schalke captain Victor Paulson was misled by a red card (73rd) and Marvin Vanitsek (88th) won using the KSC majority.

Ralph Furman’s hair-raising goalkeeper’s error knocked Schalke back 50 seconds later: the last strong keeper, Zoe, hit the ball on his own goal after a touchdown. The balance came out of nowhere: Tarco Surlino’s attack was actually blocked but the ball fell at Dorothy’s feet and it hit immediately.

Schalke accepted more and more command, but KSC had a better chance before the break with former Schalke Philip Hoffman – but this time Furman split perfectly (38th).

After the break, Schalke cheered about the lead. But Marcin Kominski hit his head (50th) offside – as video sources revealed. The Royal Blues clearly dominated the game. Again and again they searched for the torode, but the KSC was concentrated and dangerous ahead.

1.FC Nuremberg-Hansa Rostock 1-0 (0-0)

1. FC N├╝rnberg advanced to a promotional spot with the third win of the season. Coach Robert Klaas’ team won 1-0 (0-0) with Hansa Rostock at the start of the seventh game day. The club now have 13 points and are second at least until Saturday afternoon, while Rostock is in midfield with seven points.

Substitute three minutes ago, Eric Shurano scored the decisive goal in the 59th minute after a first-rate attack on the right wing.

Nuremberg, who had to do without their red-barred striker Manuel Schaffler, found the best way to the game and got the first good chance five minutes later through Valentini Borkowski. As a result, with Bentley Baxter Bonn (29th) and John Verhoek (33rd) both teams neutralizing each other until Rostock had two good chances within minutes.

After the break, the guests took control, but lost freely in front of Rostock’s sterile mamba Nuremberg goalkeeper Christian Madenia (53.). Six minutes later, the Nuremberg team took the lead, punishing the guests for their poor performance. Rostock still had a chance to equalize with Nick Omladic (74th).

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