Laurent Ruquier en couple avec un beau brun des Anges ? Les internautes en sont persuadés !

Posted by Celine Oct 26, 2021 at 7:42 am

a few days ago, Hugo Manos’ dark movie caused quite a stir on TikTok Appearing alongside Laurent Ruquier. For netizens, one thing is for sure: Couple helpers!

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Laurent Roquier in a relationship with beautiful dark-haired angels?

Regarding his private life, Laurent Roquier has always made protecting her a point of honor. But for several hours, netizens and many media outlets have been wondering who his companion is. Not so long ago, Hugo Manos, the 2017 godfather of angels, chose to appear in the company of the host on the TikTok social network. facing the camera The duo turned out to be very complicit.

Could this be a formalization of their relationship? Or simply a theatrical show organized by the beautiful dark brown color? At the moment, no one knows more than that. But it turns out that Some of the clues are disturbing. In fact, Hugo Manus also posted some geo-tagged photos of Normandy… the wonderful region in which Long live Laurent Rucker…

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“We were more or less of the same opinion about the absurdity of the situation.”

last May, Captivated by Laurent Roquier at pour Femme Actuelle on his emotional state. And so it was revealed Love made it possible to masterfully strengthen the couple. For him, this ordeal was a good test to prove that they were fit to be together.

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Moreover, they were able to realize that they were somewhat of the same opinion about the absurdity of the situation. The presenter also confirmed that his new wife was more affected than him by the birth, With gym…

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