Anonymous against censorship, an open portal for sending SMS to Russian numbers: “We write to everyone what is happening in Ukraine” - video

There is no free media in Russia and the Internet is censored. But it is possible to send a direct message to those who live in this enslaved nation.” .’s new strategy Unknown To disseminate information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it goes through text messages. The pirate group launched the portal Allowing you to send messages to Russian phone numbers. Letters ask you to write what is happening in Ukraine. Sample texts such as: “Dear Russians, your media is blocked. The Kremlin is lying. Thousands of your Ukrainian soldiers and brothers are dying in Ukraine. Find out the truth about the free web and Telegram. It’s time to overthrow the dictator. put it in! The text is also reported in Russian to ensure that the recipient of the message understands it. The campaign started from the Twitter account Tweet embedthe profile where all the activities of hacker groups are reported these days.

For those who don’t want to publish their contacts, Anonymous has also published a guide for sending SMS messages with fake phone numbers. The only drawback of the campaign is that the portal is often down due to too many requests. The campaign was also picked up by the @Doemela_X account, A the account Which in recent days had already become famous in the unknown galaxy for its spread 40 thousand documents Attributed to the Institute of Nuclear Safety in Moscow. Doemela_X posted a video showing users how to navigate this campaign. Note the details: Unlike the usual Guy Fawkes mask that has become an icon of this movement, this time the hackers chose a mask inspired by… squid game.

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