Jopping is our motto Top 10: Most Beautiful Ligu 1 2021/2022 Jerseys

You had to pinch yourself to believe it. In a corner taken by Genghis Under, Dmitry Byate sent a huge half-pain shot into the top corner of the PAOK goalkeeper during the Europa League quarter-final first leg (2-1 win for OM). It was an extraordinary achievement to overthrow the State Velotrom, but not only. In fact, George Sampoli and William Salipa expressed their interest in the realization of Reunion after the meeting. The day after the victory, Matteo Kunduz, who was at the press conference, returned to this magical moment.

“Byte is very happy”

“Bayat’s goal is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen on a field. He tried it 100 times, he missed it 99 times. I wonder if he still scores like that, but if he wants to do it, we’re not going to complain about it (…) like that Byte is very happy to be on the playing team and you have to ask him, but he’s one of the teams that has the most fun with his age, “he said. Chief compliments to the concerned.


Dmitry Byte was dropped from his squad after scoring one of the best goals of his career at the Olympique de Marseille Matteo Guendouzi, hitting a half-key to the surface from the entrance in the upper corner of the PAOK.


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