Announcement for 38 years is a huge success

For £40 an hour (around €47), it’s possible to rent Laura’s husband, but the ad is mainly for women. The post is spreading across the web and the guy has a whole agenda. Laura Young, 38, a mother of three, listened to a podcast about a man who makes a living assembling furniture for people.

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Hiring her husband to single women: Laura’s successful ad

At that point, she thought her husband, James, could do the same too, so she started offering her services for £40 at a time, advertising her skills on Facebook and the Nextdoor app. Now James has the whole company until the end of the month.

The 42-year-old’s jobs include helping to set up a TV or curtains, rebuilding a wall, and is available to hire for anyone who needs help; Especially women (but men can also use it). While James takes care of the business side, Laura works on managing the social accounts and the website. The business was more successful than the couple could have imagined.

Husband for rent: here is a home service for unmarried women

Christmas Show

And the Christmas show arrives, too, offering festive lighting fixtures, both indoors and outdoors. Laura said: I never expected it to take off so much – says the mirror – we had to start turning down jobs and reducing our hours, so now we do it Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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James had to give up his main job as a warehouse worker in order to keep track of all calls and take care of their three children, two of whom have autism, with Laura. James was also diagnosed with autism four years ago but construction is his salvation. Laura said: He’s really good at building things and doesn’t follow instructions. So I thought it would be something he could do.

He has a very methodical mind and can think outside the box. Sees things differently. Within days, Laura’s Facebook messages were filled with people asking about her husband’s work. The Milton Keynes couple, Bucks, also had inquiries for over 150 miles.

full agenda

Laura said: The first customer needed to replace the door frame and then I just had people request information on the Facebook page. It has gone from a regular flat bag to much more, like flattening a rug and rebuilding a wall. We also have inquiries up to Manchester, which we told them might be more practical for them to find someone closer for the extra costs, but of course we will!

But James does not do any electrical or plumbing services. Couples don’t charge at work but at the moment: £40 or you can choose a daily rate of £250.


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