Russia is moving towards changing the borders (unilaterally) in the Baltic Sea with Finland and Lithuania

Proposal of the Russian Ministry of Defense

The Russian Ministry of Defense proposed approval of a list of geographical coordinates that determine the width of the continental coast, Russian territorial waters and the Baltic Islands and which will change the borders in the western Kaliningrad region. “Approval of the project will create a missing system of straight baselines in the southern part of the Russian islands in the eastern Gulf of Finland near Baltiysk and Zelenogradsk, and will allow them to be used as inland waters,” the document said. This will lead to a change in the maritime borders of the Russian state, due to which the external boundaries of the territorial sea will be changed.” The draft decree claims that the previous geographical coordinates were recorded on the basis of maritime navigation maps based on 20th century research, “do not fully correspond to the current geographical situation” and “do not allow Defining the external borders of internal waters of Russia.

Russia is about to change its borders in the Baltic Sea (unilaterally) with Finland and Lithuania

Moscow authorities decided unilaterally to change Russia's maritime borders with Lithuania and Finland in the Baltic Sea, according to a draft government decree published online by the Kremlin last night.

Moscow: Tactical nuclear exercises near Ukraine

there Russia announces Tactical nuclear exercises near Ukraine. The army announces this. The nuclear exercises near Ukraine are a response to the West's “threats”.

Kiev: The West shoots down Russian missiles from its territory

Ukraine suggests that Western allies shoot down Russian missiles from their territory. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister said: “There is no legal, security or moral argument preventing our partners from shooting down Russian missiles over Ukrainian territory from their territory.” Dmytro Kuleba In a press conference with her German colleague Annalena Baerbock in Kiev.


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