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12:04 PM 3 minutes ago

Part Two begins

Roll the ball, start the last 45 minutes of the game, let’s see what happens, will City increase their advantage? Will Preston equalize? We tell you about it on favele.

6 minutes ago

Will Preston be able to tie?

The second half is about to start, the players are already jumping on the grass, and this is about to resume.

11:47 am 19 minutes ago


No time for more, City go to rest by beating Preston, who tried in the last minutes but without luck. Electronic Signals 1-0.

12:45 PM 22 minutes ago

41 ‘| Who failed Palmer

Mahrez’s merriment at a phenomenal level ends with the hanging of a ball by Mendy, who heads it to Palmer, and sends it only in front of the goalkeeper. The city had it.

11:42 AM 25 minutes ago

Preston is approaching

Preston wanted to tie the game and had only two ways, but Stephen stopped the ball both times.

12:39 PM 28 minutes ago

Remember Preston eleven

McAvoy lined up 5-3-2 with Ripley, Van de Berg, Storey, Lindsay, Hughes, Earl, Tom, Ledson, Whiteman, Potts, Evans.

11:33 am 34 minutes ago

Remember the eleventh of the city

12:27 PM 40 minutes ago

25 ‘| Mahrez goal

What a great goal Mahrez just scored from a direct free kick, the free kick was a joy for the Algerian who did not miss the chance, Manchester City lead 1-0.

12:20 PM an hour ago

The meeting begins

Rolling the ball In England, Pep Guardiola’s team faces Preston in this friendly match. Good luck to both groups.

12:19 pm an hour ago

Don’t take off from here to watch the Manchester City vs Preston match

12:14 PM an hour ago

Where and how to watch the Manchester City vs Preston match online and live

12:09 PM an hour ago

Manchester City vs Preston match schedule

12:04 hours ago

Watch out for this Manchester City player

Liam Delep is a player who is considered the jewel of the Manchester City team and when he was young he was already followed by many of the biggest clubs in the world to strengthen himself.

11:59 AM an hour ago

Watch out for this Preston player

11:54 AM an hour ago

City: a boat in a good port

COVID-19 quarantine restrictions have canceled Manchester City’s planned trip to ES Troyes AC, so Tuesday’s pre-season match against Preston will be the only pre-season game before the traditional start to the season against Tothim in fifteen days.

11:44 AM an hour ago

everything is ready

11:39 AM an hour ago


Good evening to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Manchester City vs Preston match, corresponding to the friendly duel. The meeting will take place in the European Union at 1:00 pm. HC


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