Alongside the Russian forces comes the military secrecy of the Orthodox Church -

I will join the regular forces of Moscow in Ukraine. The battalions, renamed Croce di Sant’Andrea, will become part of it, and are set to participate in the creeping mobilization. In the meantime, there are questions about Kyiv’s next moves

It happened in Syria and is now repeated in Ukraine: Militias multiply To support the work of the unit sent from Moscow. Today’s notebook begins with an announcement, We’ll see if it will have a concrete follow-up.

Soon – according to the Telegram Mash channel – A private military company operating under the banner of the Orthodox Church Regular forces of Moscow will be surrounded in Ukraine. The battalions renamed Croce di Sant’Andrea will become part of it, Elements blessed by religious leaders and destined to participate in the advancing mobilization. A cocktail full of icons: Patriotism, faith, nationalism. After all, many departments – including recruits – before leaving for the area of ​​operations were blessed by religious people, a gesture to Sanctify the mission against the enemy. As always, there is a difference between a goal and reality, but it wouldn’t be too strange if the project were to lead to the birth of units. Parallel to the Wagner mercenaries. Information was also received about the Kremlin’s possible use of Syrian fighters, the cores were moved recently but remained at the rear. Written by the site Middle East Eye Re-suggest a story that has already been released but without any actual evidence, thus, for now, it should only be recorded as audio.

Experts add that The severe damage suffered by the Kerch Bridge in Crimea presents an additional problem in ensuring suppliesEspecially fuel. The researcher, on the other hand, returned about the withdrawal of the occupants. General Surovkin, Today in command of the missiondecided to leave the city because Maintaining the flow of aid was unsustainable The site cannot be used as a springboard for an attack. Conditions were unfavorable, the other would be Moscow’s priorities, with greater interest in the eastern sector and a desire to stabilize the front. Exploiting stackers. A reasonable decision from a military and rational point of view, but it remains negative on the political level. We are always in a crisis made up of phases, leaders look at the moment and deeply. This was said by Mikhailo Podolak, one of Zelensky’s advisors The Kremlin is not yet ready to negotiate, and this will happen only after the liberation of Donetsk and Lugansk. And we will have to take into account the decline in support in public opinion, from the oligarch to the shoemaker. Comparing opinions and the field will determine the verdict.

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