(Washington) The governor of the US state of Montana has received an official warning from local environmental officials to set up and kill a wolf, without any prior online training, the local media coalition reported Tuesday.

France Media Agency

According to the report, Republican Greg Gyanford, the newly elected governor of this rural North American state, killed an adult black wolf, “1155”, in February, 9 miles from the famous Yellowstone National Park.

Although it is legal to kill wolves in Montana, it requires a license and three hours of online training, which aims to provide “the necessary background and rules (to kill the wolf) in an ethical, humane and legal manner”. , Training manual emphasizes.

The governor had the proper license, but did not take the training.

“Upon learning that he (training) had not completed, Governor Gyanford immediately corrected the error and recorded the wolf trap certificate,” the spokesman for the elected official replied. From the Mountain West News Bureau.

Environmental officials have allowed Greg Gyanford to keep the carcass and skin of a murdered wolf.

In 2017, he was later elected to the House of Representatives from Montana, where he clashed with a reporter for a British newspaper. Defender, Threw him to the ground. The elected officer was sentenced to six months suspended imprisonment and 40 hours of public service.

The Montana Parliament is currently considering two anti-wolf bills. The first will financially reward engineers and wolf hunters after a capture, and the second instructs state environmental officials to consider reducing the wolf population to the “potential” level of less than 150 animals.

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About 6,000 wolves are scattered in the United States today. Nearly 250,000 wolves lived before the European settlers landed on the 16the Century, and lead a real campaign of destruction.

In 2000, Greg Gyanford was fined $ 70.


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