What is the future of the uranium deal between France and Russia?

La Hague Recycling Plant, in 2008, then Areva.

La Hague Recycling Plant, in 2008, then Areva.

Will France interfere in the uranium deal with Russia as an obstacle to Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territories on the morning of February 24? ? This is the question raised by the Robin Des Boise Association Press release issued on the same day.

From 2021, France will send re-processed uranium to Russia. Recycled uranium (Oort) Radioactive waste from La Hague facilities in Normandy. It can be converted into usable nuclear fuel in nuclear reactors adopted for this purpose. But the stock is accumulating in France at about 33,000 tons, and there is no alternative plant even if there is one in Tomsk, Russia. EDFIt has signed shipping agreements with the Russian company Tenex, and Orano, with about 1,000 tons of shipping per year.Oort.

In The report was released on February 24Said Mr. Macron Sanctions imposed on Russia would be tantamount to aggression to which it is guilty .

Reporter As questioned by EliseEDF And Orano to find out whether these uranium deals are going to be suspended in response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Orano replied that they could not follow him until now Quiet period (Quiet period).


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