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The air was bad in Glasgow. stripping news We can’t help but mention today’s news Fifth from Joe Biden On the sidelines CoP26. He was going to talk about “presidential bulge.” Camilla Parker Bowles, literally driving British newspapers crazy, with daily Mail In first grade of course.

News fart From the US president, jokes about the satirical news of Canale 5 founded and directed by Antonio Ricci, “it made a lot of noise and wind too,” while Camila’s videos are “overshadowed” by on-air storms. “It seems that the meteorological phenomenon was so strong that Carlo risked falling due to the explosion.” The heir’s slip, which stumbled on the steps the moment he reached the CoP26 stage, falls like a bean.

Joe Biden, Fart and Greta Thunberg: Striscia la Notizia video

Furthermore, Striscia continues, in honor of sleepy atmosphere CoP26 itself has been “renamed Prot26”. An American deep throat revealed that Biden has been suffering from this problem for years. “That’s why the flags flutter behind him when he speaks.” The president’s tears on stage will be evidence of the “mighty efforts” to avoid another devastating public misstep. Finally, merging with “Baluch Liberation Army (BLA) BLA” from Greta Thunberg. Biden responded with “protect protection.”

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