Spain Luis Enrique has a clear idea


The It will be Spain’s first appearance in the European Nations Cup against SwedenThey will play in the Seville La Cartuja stadium with enough heat and against a very physical northern team, but Luis Enrique confirmed that his idea will not change from the game.

The game plan will be the same for every game, which is to catch the ball and try to do our thing, and from there, generate the most occasions, control the opponent’s transitions, and when we have to defend, press” explained Luis Enrique.

determinant He insisted that even the difficult week he lived with the COVID-19 positives didn’t make him change your idea.

My plan is the same, I remember that a year or so ago I told the players that they had no doubt that I would come to Europe and have a clear idea of ​​how I wanted to play and those who made it for them. He will be here.”

But Obviously, the Spanish coach will not be an easy match against Sweden.

We don’t know who’s going to play at the top, but Sweden is fairly straightforward.”


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