The heart-shaped lake will attract you from the first moment: a magnificent panorama

On Pakistani territory there is a lake with a truly unique shape, formed by water coming from melting glaciers.


this He wonders Nature, its lake Banks It forms the heart, and is located in an area Gilgit-Baltistannorth Pakistan. In particular A Gogalin the Hunza region, a center Which includes approx 2000 peopleClose to the border with China And theAfghanistan.

To be able to have one street That led to the aquarium it was needed Several years. The project started in 1985 And it ended in 2003A road dug in Stone With dynamite, allowing Riding From half a Prominence in the river.

Lake Shimshal It is a gem located in Shimshal ValleyWhich is located next to the extraordinary Mountain chain. There's a little one over there village It consists of a few stone houses. to south You can like each other Glaciers The largest in the world on top of 7 thousand meter.

With a rise Temperatures Part of it has melted to become water flowing in family Of rivers and streams, this is very special lake. It is popularly called ShufortLake basin Hosts A large variety of Aquatic animals.

Ancient traditions

It's the point drop For different types of Migratory birds. It extends over an area 32 square kilometers It is located at an altitude 4255 meters. The way to get there is the Northeast From the village and approx 40 km.

the Ethnic origins Of the local residents belong to and my brother. Their cultural traditions do that He distinguishes than those in the rest of the country, because they are stayed Very rooted in their traditions. for them language. like It appears to date back to 4000 years Since it is originally from Wakhan.

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in Pakistan It is spoken only in Gilgit-Baltistan, Chitral. there population He lives, above all, by raising sheep. And he did not submitimpact Western culture as it actually is It happened In many other regions village. Every year, A maybewhat we call happening Displacement.

Shepherds Shimshali village He brings all the herds of sheep, goats and goats Yak In the high pastures, on Pamir. between Classify Worth noting isMy legsOne Wild sheep Asian also pointed in notebook travel Marco Polo shirt.


Here they stay for a while five Or six months when the water Lakes They are not rivers Frozen. Water is Primary source Life for animals is very diverse. It also produces Hydropower.

Thanks to this local residents can to use electricity for progress Of craft activities. This area is located at an altitude Mountain mass Which reaches its highest peak 7495 meter. This earned him a nickname Roof of the world.


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