Berlin Techno is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity –

Anyone considers Techno music Irrelevant from an artistic point of view, it is appropriate to think again: Wednesday 13 March Berlin He was Officially recognized fromUNESCO like Intangible cultural heritage of humanity . It is a great feeling of satisfaction not only for his fans (Germans and not only), but also and above all for the members of the group who submitted his candidacy in 2021 to the United Nations agency based in Paris. From now on, in fact, the city's numerous activities linked to the sector will be able to They enjoy greater legal protection and have easier access to government aid or charitable funds. Pure oxygen after the huge losses recorded during the years of the epidemic.


“Here's another one.” turn For techno producers, artists, club managers and event organizers in Berlin – comment on this Deutsche Welle Lutz Lechsenring, Member of the Executive Committee of the Berlin Club Committee -. The decision will help us ensure that the club's culture is recognized as one A valuable sector that deserves protection and supportL. Great satisfaction also on the part of Rave the Planet, which… in Facebook She praised “all the people who have supported Berlin’s techno music scene in recent years.” A special thanks to everyone who stood by us on this journey Since the initial idea of 2011. And youThanks also to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Expert Committee of the German UNESCO Committee.

A piece of history

Needless to say, what caused the white smoke was not just the sound component of techno music – whose origins are widely attributed to Detroit, in the US state of Michigan – but ratherCultural influence Which had a particular impact on the German capital after the fall of the wall. So, if, on the one hand, many believe that this musical genre did more to integrate Berlin after 1989 than any political programme, then, on the other hand, it is not surprising that the city continues to emerge. Between the capitals of the world Clubbing. What enhances the prestige of the local scene are the numerous films and documentaries that have represented it over time: above all, the iconic films. Christian F. -We are the children from the Berlin Zoo (1981) and the latest Berlin Call (2008). It is therefore easy to understand why, after the UNESCO decision, the Minister of CultureAbdul Latif Media Claudia Roth He said that Club culture City “It has been synonymous for many years with values ​​such as diversity, respect and universalityto”.

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And other new entries

For the record, they were also accepted on Wednesday Five other nominations submitted by Germany: Finsterwald singing tradition, cider, mountain climbing State of Saxony, Bavarian Winter Parade Kirchseeoner Perchtenlauf e Textile stitching style Schwalmer Westikere From the Hesse region. This brings the German intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO to the next level 16. to'Italy However, it is currently standing on the rise 19: The last nomination for the art list was last December Lyrical singing. For all the (obvious) differences in issue, it always comes down to the music.


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