A woman scares a bear on a camping trip, and the animal comes back later and rips it apart

A woman was attacked and killing From bearin a park in Montana, in United State. The victim, who had been camping, had scared the animal a few hours earlier and had managed to escape. A little later the bear returned and tore the woman. The incident, which dates back to a year ago, was recently disclosed in detail by the interagency “Grizzly Bear Committee.” The victim has been called Leah Davis LucanHe was a 65-year-old retired cyclist and nurse living in California.

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Chase the bear, the animal comes back and kills it

The 26-page report, released in early July, revealed that the woman managed to chase the bear an hour before he returned to tear it apart. Leah Lucan, who was traveling with her sister who would have preferred to stay in a nearby hotel, was sleeping alone in her camping tent when she was attacked. A couple (Joe and Kim Cole) camped a few meters from the victim’s tent, helping her to scare the bear during the first attempt at attack.

According to the report, Coles asked Leah if she was planning to move to the hotel to be quieter, but she preferred to stay in the tent. An hour later the attack occurred. Joe Cole said he saw a silhouette of a bear hitting the helpless woman up and down and called the police. An autopsy revealed that the 65-year-old was killed instantly. The bear broke her neck and cut her spine. The animal was killed a few days later.

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