The shortest flight in the world |  The duration is a joke, it’s all true
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Mobility, travel, and access to distant or near destinations: Recently, due to the economic crisis, the situation has become complicated for many. Not only the high costs, but also the long periods, even for flights. or not?

There is, too countless cases conditions To say the least, it is useful for those who intend to travel from one place to another: Low cost pricesfirmness, but also timing a lot of Tempting. Some, of register.

Although moving to many contexts airplane represents a real oneTo challenge the nervesI – and who money -It must be dealt with with insight and patience, There are situations in between Last minute and low costs, forComfort dominates.

In a sensitive moment like this, in Post-pandemic And with one Economic inflation Which He runs Nowadays, everywhere, savings opportunities are few and far between sectors Suffer, even from tourism and gods transmit I’m no different.

Despite some encouraging offers, formulas, bonuses and options, even in the last summer season we have seen double cases, with long and very expensive flights and sudden ones. Then there Exciting case.

Here’s the shortest flight ever: It’s a Guinness World Record

What would you say if there was a flight offer that allowed you to do so? It arrives a Determine the destination In such a short period of time that such a joke would last so long? not here Answer It’s not “we are one”. joke’, Rather, it is pure truth, and if there was reason to laugh, it would be from the comfort that is derived from it. practically trip, Super fast.

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We’re talking about the fastest or, if you prefer, shortest flight ever. So much so that it takes less than a training session or a walk on the treadmill. But where does this journey lead? In practical terms, it is a flight using a turboprop that actually crosses a road Regional tract Not that wide. any?


Airplanes, the fastest flight, that’s where they lead

This type of aerial solution is currently designed to cover a distance between two islands in Scotland by which they are namedWestrays and Papa Westray. The peculiarity is that these two islands are separated by only a small strip of water.

Extension of the sea in the area Orkney Islands Which lies between the two places, is inhabited by six hundred and sixty-five people and yet they are great attractions for tourists passionate about Scottish history and the beaches in North Sea. All this, flying for a few minutes.


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