Jonathan Villar pone a los Mets a ganar ante los Filis

Pete Alonso and Jonathan Villar scored an RBI song in eighth place to give the New York Mets a 4-3 win over the Philadelphia Phillies in their first double header game on Tuesday.

Dominic Smith hit Homer early twice for Mets, which took the first of a four-game series between opponents of NL East in additional innings. Both games were to be held from the single-entry double currency, designated to offset Monday night’s rain at City Field, for seven rounds under the rule change introduced during the 2020 season shortened by the pandemic.

With Mets retreating in one half, Alonso advanced from the bottom of eighth place with a single shot by Hector Neres (0-1), which overtook Francisco Lindor from second place. It was New York’s first blow since the second half.

Jeff McConnell beat a potential double ball, Michael Conforto walked in and James McCann loaded the bases with others.

Villar, who was a seventh-placed runner who stayed inside for third base play, threw a full-count stadium into a left-center field over the head of left-footer Andrew McCuchin, playing superficially in hopes of cutting off the win. .

Assisted by McCann’s pass, Velez took the eighth-place lead 3-2 against Trevor May as McCuchin scored from third in a double win by Diddy Gregory on the field.

May (1-1) Jean Segura hit with two backs in the center of scoring and ended with his first victory with Mets.

The Philadelphia tied at 2 in the sixth inning after Reese Hoskins got his first walk of the season starting with Savior Miguel Castro. Hoskins took the lead on Price Harper’s song that beat the change and went third on Reality. He scored as Segura defeated the Dribbler to third on his own on the 0-2 floor.

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To Mates, Jonathan Villar 1-1, with RBI.

For Velez, Jean Segura 4-2, with RBI.

Oakland 7, Arizona 5

Phoenix – Jade Lowry drew with Homer from three games in the seventh game, Seth Brown hit Homer solo the next game and the Oakland Athletics team beat Arizona Diamondbacks 7-5 on Tuesday evening.

Auckland recovered from a five-round delay to the Diamondbacks who appeared poised for their third win in four matches.

Carson Kelly hit Homer by three runs in the second half and Arizona scored two more goals in the third. Zach Galen scored eight goals in his debut season and agreed to one run in four rounds.

This race is produced by a single house run by Stephen Biscotti.

The Arizona corner looked good but it collapsed in the seventh game.

For athletics, Ramon Loriano scored 5-1 in one half.

For Diamondbacks, there were no Dominicans.


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