Weather Report. Beryl, the record-breaking Atlantic hurricane. This is where you'll find it at 3B Meteo
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Weather Report. Beryl, the record-breaking Atlantic hurricane. This is where you'll find it at 3B Meteo
Hurricane Beryl, now a Category 5

Records. Category 5 Hurricane Beryl While working in the Caribbean, she broke several records. Starting with The speed at which it transforms from a tropical depression into a major hurricane, That is, within just 42 hours between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. This is a fairly rare transition and can generally occur in September, late in the season. In this case, the transition to a Category 3 hurricane occurred when it was still June.for the first time ever.

On June 30, Beryl reached Category 4, becoming The closest category 4 hurricane for June, Beating the previous record set by Hurricane Dennis on July 7, 2005 between Jamaica and Cuba.

Beryl also holds the record for being the easternmost hurricane to form in June, It surpassed by 3,500 kilometers the previous record of Hurricane Alma, which dates back to 1996 and affected the eastern sector of the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Beryl is also the oldest Category 5 hurricane on record.It reached its intensity on Monday evening, July 1, surpassing the previous record of Hurricane Emily, which reached Category 5 strength on July 16, 2005. Beryl is also the strongest Category 5 hurricane for July, With winds of up to 265 km/h, surpassing Emily's 257 km/h winds. Finally, Beryl is also First Atlantic Hurricane of 2024 Season.

Expected pathBeryl is located at coordinates 15.3 north and 68.9 west, or about 350 kilometers south of Santo Domingo, and is moving west-northwest at 35 kilometers per hour, and will reach Jamaica on Wednesday to make landfall on the southern coast. However, it will lose some of its energy by downgrading from Category 4 to Category 3 as it crosses Jamaica, and it remains a major hurricane, and therefore very dangerous, also because it passes close to the mainland. In fact, heavy rains, winds and violent storms are expected. On its way west, it is expected to reach Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula on Friday, with another landfall this time as a Category 2 hurricane.

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Possible expected path
Possible expected path

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