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Pokemon Temple Hydreigon is a very good Dark and Dragon type Pokemon. What are the best fast and charged attacks for Hydreigon Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

Hydreigon is an evolution of Pokémon Solochi and Diamat. With its Dragon and Dark genre, Pokemon Temple is interesting to use in battle.

See the best instant and charged attacks for Hydreigon Pokémon.

Best Attacks for Hydreigon

Here is the best attack combination for Hydreigon:

Immediate attack:

Drago-Sophil (Dragon)
Damage: 6
EPS: 8
DPS: 14.4

Alleged attacks:

Centrifugation (DARK)
Damage: 65
EPS: 40

Damage: 90
EPS: -13,9
DPS: 30

Hydragon attacks and how to get rid of them

Hydreigon has various attacks. Here are the different attacks of Hydreigon and how you can get rid of them.

Immediate attacks:

  • Bite (Dark 6 damage 8 EPS 14.4 DPS)
  • Drago-Breath (Dragon 6 Damage 8 EPS 14.4 TPS)

To change the immediate attack of the swamp, you must use one CT immediate attack. The attack received at each application of the CT was random.
If you use one CT Instant Attack EliteYou can choose the attack you want.

Alleged attacks:

  • Wiprosker (DARKNESS 80 Damage -16.7 EPS 32 DPS)
  • Luminoconan (STEEL 100 Damage-37 EPS 37 DPS)
  • Drago-shock (Dragon 90 Damage -13.9 EPS 30 TPS)
  • Centennial (TENEBRES 65 Dégts) *

To change Hydreigon’s charged attack, you must use a TC charged attack. The attack received at each application of the CT was random.

To get CentrifugationYou must attend or use events such as Solochi Community Day CT Elite Charged Attack.

Get hydrocon

To get Hydreigon Pokémon, you need to have Solochi or Diamat, and then follow the evolution chain.

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