In his novel Unbearable mildness, Gundera says that at the time of his death, a man is irreparably transformed Kitch. As soon as it was buried, it became a soft and consensual image in the minds of the living, filled with good feeling and sweet nostalgia.

Even 150 years after his death, Pude Taylor continues to lie to the Czech writer. The latest evidence to date, Pude taylor name Presented by Jean Deale (Ed. Milet Barold). This work, which was published this fall, plunges the poet into a hateful addiction, a charm that is detrimental to everything. A special literary tribute.

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A dark figure in literature, the writer is one of the rare writers who appeals to academics as well as high school students. On the microphone France Inter This morning, Antoine explored the destructive side of the Cambodian artist. ” Always unexpected, always provocative“As far as the theorist is concerned, both Pude Taylor.” Who invented modernity and repeatedly insulted this modernity.

Died at the age of 49, he has no rest to take care of his work record in a timely manner. Today, his poetry takes many forms and its diseased flowers are especially set to music by artists such as Leo Ferre, Gainsburg and Mylane Farmer.

Pude taylor in music

In 2019, the University of Birmingham listed all collections of poets for music. It directly or less directly impressed less than 1600 productions by his writings. With different musical styles, of which, 16 songs are categorized Death Metal.

His poetry was magnified by Leo Ferrell in 1957, and he dedicated three albums to a total of 50 sung poems.

In 1962, it was the turn of another cursed poet to deal with Butler’s works. Serge Gainsberg performs his voice and his music Dancing snake. The case between these two sulfurous figures can only be appreciated in their time.

Two decades later, in 1998, Miley Farmer, another ink, caused a massive influx of ink That clock, In his album Or IA tribute that he will do again in 2018 with his explanation To the reader In the albumNon-cooperation .

But beyond the world of song, many artists are inspired and claim the right to a qualification with the author, both to enhance his talent and to claim his extremism.

More and more artists are talking to artists

From Enki Bilal to Fabrice Lucini at the 2019 Montreal Book Fair, Pude Taylor’s words have carved fur in souls, left their mark on conscience and brought beauty in many forms.

Very young Fabrice here to complete the picture:

On L’Oniriste’s YouTube channel, his poems can be seen in picturesThe shadow of the giant figure , The famous video game created by Team Igo.

Slightly reactionary aristocrat Dandy, Pude Taylor would not have taken advantage of this tradition. Death prevents him from criticizing many of his cards, and we are now free to admire his poetry in its various incarnations.

However, by returning to the text for a moment, we will try to end with a classic touch. Here are two parts of a poem that can brighten or darken your day depending on your mood.


“When the low and heavy sky weighs like a cover

The lamenting mind in the grip of long troubles,

The horizon embracing the entire circle

It’s a darker day than the night. “

Invitation for travel:

– Sunset suns

Close fields,

Canals, whole city,

Hyacinth and gold;

The world is asleep

In a warm light.

There, all order and beauty,

Luxurious, quiet and luxurious.

We must not forget that the poet counts his opponents, as do these horrible (and wonderful works of brilliance) works by Marcel Aimee.Intellectual comfort.Pude Taylor robbed the language, made him say anything … and a horrific article explaining how the bourgeoisie of the time, for the massacre, emerged in this slide.

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Photo credit: Charles Pude Taylor – 1862 – Public Domain


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