One of the problems facing the world today is global warming and climate change are visible honarukkut. For this reason, it has joined the ranks of companies that have implemented measures to reduce vulnerability.

In this context, World Recycling Day, established by UNESCO to commemorate the strategy of mitigation, recycling and recycling, seeks to emphasize the activities it has implemented under these three pillars. Among them:

Electronic Product Recycling and Recycling Project

Discarded smartphones are the biggest source of pollution because their components and batteries are made of toxic materials that cannot break them. If a smartphone is discarded passively, it will produce toxic gases when burned and contaminate the floor when buried. Its disposable battery alone will pollute 60,000 liters of water, equivalent to the amount of water that 20,000 people consume per day.

For this reason, HONOR has an advanced recycling and recycling system, which reduces production costs and protects against unnecessary consumption of natural resources. Thanks to this, it has been able to recycle more than 1,650 tons of electronic waste from its products since 2017.

Compliance with environmental standards

The brand performs a life cycle process in each of its products: from selecting raw materials to removing waste.

Currently, all its smartphones and tablets are rated by China’s Quality Assurance Center (CQC).

Renewable soy ink application

This HONOR implementation replaces the traditional non-renewable ink. The brand uses organic soy ink for printing its user manuals and in all its product packages.

It has low toxicity and reduces the impact of the destruction of chemical products on the planet. In addition, since it is made with renewable raw materials, it requires less natural resources.

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Soy Ink has worked to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 68 tons, equivalent to the amount of CO2 that 3,778 trees can absorb in a single year.

Removal of toxins from HONOR devices

The company has banned the use of harmful substances such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), brominate fire retardants, beryllium, phthalates and antimony trioxide. The impact of these harmful substances is severe on humans, other organisms and the entire natural environment.

Therefore, 2016. First, the materials consumption decrease smartphones and tablets in the development HONOR annually 100 to 200 million yuan, up (15499000 First 30,998,000 million dollars) investment, which the company 2,896 tons of energy led to harmful substances and carbon footprint reduction.

HONOR is committed to protecting the planet and creating a more sustainable future for the next generation. Thus, from the moment the box of one of their products is opened, their intention to create awareness among the consumers about the environment becomes clear.

In this way, HONOR is committed to creating a better future, which minimizes the negative environmental impact on the planet. Without neglecting its main purpose of creating innovative technology for all.


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